Sandra Wiley

Boomer Consulting, Inc.
(785) 537-2358 ext. 121

Sandra Wiley is one of the accounting profession’s top experts in leadership, management, collaboration, culture building, talent and training. As President of Boomer Consulting, Inc., Sandra facilitates regional and on-site sessions throughout the country with a passion for helping firms grow, adapt and thrive.

Sandra is a sought-after resource among the best and brightest firms in the country and is regularly invited to speak at national conferences. Sandra is a founding member of the CPA Consultant’s Alliance, a certified Kolbe trainer, and is certified as a John Maxwell Leadership consultant. She is also a popular contributor to many online and print publications including Accounting Today, Accounting Web, ADP Thrive, the Journal of Accountancy’s Career Insider.

She is often called the “go-to person” for solutions to the profession’s staffing crisis, citing her wise advice on hiring – and keeping – employees for the rest of their careers.

About Us: Boomer Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services to hundreds of the highest performing CPA firms. Our unique and powerful solutions target five areas critical to a firm's success: Leadership and Management, Client Development, Talent Development, Technology and Compensation. Learn how our portfolio of services within these areas can help your firm minimize dangers, capture opportunities and optimize strengths.